Buying An Above Ground Pool Guide

The experience of jumping into a refreshing swimming pool on a hot summer’s day is unbeatable.

It is what childhood dreams are made of!

For those who are looking to add to their backyard and get a new above ground pool, it’s time to look at a few tips to keep in mind. This isn’t about heading online, clicking a few tabs, and hoping to come out with a good pool. There’s more to the process, and this guide is going to shed light on what has to be done.

Here is what you need to consider.

1) Placement of Pool

Start with the basics, and that is going to include where you are putting the swimming pool. This might not be as strict as building an in-ground swimming pool, but you still need to have a good idea of where it will be situated. Getting this wrong could lead to a boatload of issues that are not worth dealing with at any stage of ownership. Get things into place and start measuring. You want to take a piece of string while doing this so you get a clear look at what you are getting and where it will be placed.

Please remember, you want to keep it a safe distance away from the fence and property. It’s not ideal to push it right against a property because leaks can occur and it might cause damage. Nobody wants to flip the bill for such costs nor should you have to as long as simple planning takes place.

Placing the pool in the right spot is going to help now and in the future when it comes to maintenance. Take the time to put it in a place where you can walk around it and not get blocked. This is essential when you are looking to clean the pool and want to keep an eye out for damage to the sidewall.

If you don’t pay attention to this, the swimming pool may end up being put on the wrong side.

2) Legality

This might not be the first thing you are going to mull over, but it remains essential. Some buyers get eager and assume the only thing they have to consider is the pool they’re getting, and that’s incorrect. In fact, you will be surprised as to how many local zoning laws there are in place for such additions to your yard. Going out and buying an above ground swimming pool is more than finding a good deal online. You have to take the opportunity to see whether or not you are allowed to put in an above ground swimming pool where you reside. This will not take a long time, but it is an important step nonetheless.

Head online and search based on where you live.

A reasonable search should suffice in providing you with enough information to get a gist of what you can or cannot do. The more information you have, the better decision you’ll be able to make in the long-term.

Don’t rush the process and do your research because it will yield excellent results in the end. You will feel happy with the legality of what you are buying and putting in your yard.

3) Size

How large can you go when it comes to the above ground swimming pool? Are you able to get the size you want or will you need to downgrade a bit to make things easygoing?

This fits in with the placement of your swimming pool. You want to do both things at the same time, so you don’t get perplexed while purchasing the swimming pool. As you look to situate the swimming pool, it’s best to take a look at how large you can go. Keep a few dimensions in mind as you are focusing on the string and putting it in the yard, so you can get a visual of what you are buying and how much it will take to put it in.

Some buyers assume any size is going to fit and that is a myth.

The yard is only going to fit certain sizes, and you have to account for this as a buyer. The more you ignore this, the worse it will get when the purchase is made. Be smart and take a look at what you are getting beforehand. This is the only way you will be content.

4) Budget

How much are you willing to pay for the swimming pool?

This is a question you should have an answer to as soon as possible. There is nothing worse than getting a swimming pool where you are unsure about the price point. There are several tiers when it comes to price points based on size, materials, quality, and more. You don’t want to go and pay for something that is out of your budget because it will only hurt you in the long-term and won’t work out as well.

Don’t be afraid to put down a budget and stick to it. This is a good thing and should be the approach everyone takes when it comes to their buying process. A good swimming pool can be found in all ranges, and you should be willing to set a number down.

Once you have the number, you should look to focus on that range and not go over it.

This will simplify the buying process and will ensure you don’t end up looking at other price ranges that are not in line with your budget. Be smart and keep looking at options in your price range to see what works.

5) Usage

The pool isn’t going to sit around looking like it doesn’t have anything to offer. It is not a decoration piece!

This means you need to realize how it is going to be used and what it will have to offer in the long-term. Some people don’t spend enough time thinking about this, and that is a real mistake. You need to get the usage down pat. Think about how often you are going to use the swimming pool and how many people will be using it. A lot of people may want to throw pool parties, and those are going to put strict demands on the swimming pool. While there are other buyers, who are not going to have such demands from their pool and might be looking to use it leisurely. This is an answer only you are going to have so it is best to think about it in advance.

Most modern-day swimming pools are going to be able to handle whatever you throw at them, but it is best to be aware. This is going to ensure you get a purchase that fits in with that usage pattern instead of something that may cause damage.

6) Maintenance

This is one of those aspects people forget about, but it does matter a lot!

You want to think about how the pool is going to be maintained on a daily basis. You have to ensure things are in line with your needs and are working out, so you get a good swimming pool without it breaking down on you. It is easy to think the swimming pool will take care of itself and that is not going to happen. You need to spend time mulling over how you are going to use the pool and who is working to take care of it.

If you are someone that is not as eager to clean the pool, you will need an automated system that does the regular work for you. Of course, you will still need to spend a bit of time on this aspect, but it won’t be as harsh.

The automated system will be able to keep running so the water is fresh and you can swim in it.

For those who don’t mind doing a bit of work, you can get away with a simple pool cleaning kit (the bare minimum) and still see results.

7) Reviews

Don’t forget to read reviews on the swimming pools you are taking a look at. These reviews are helpful and may be one of the best reasons to head online while you are doing your research. Yes, not all reviews are equal, and some can be emotional, but it is about getting a gist of what is out there. This information is going to help you out and make sure things are on the right path as a buyer. Most people can get great information out of these reviews. Ignoring them will not help you out at all!

8) Comparisons

The next step while you are going through reviews is to think about comparisons. You need to think about what is out there in your price range and how they compare to each other. This can help dig through some of the marketing fluff that can be put in product descriptions. Yes, all of them will claim they are the best, but that is often untrue. You need a lot more out of the process, or things won’t work out at all.

Compare the various swimming pools and then make a choice based on what you end up learning.

9) Materials

The next tip is to focus on the materials as that is going to be a big part of what you end up getting. Don’t buy an above ground swimming pool that is made out of inferior materials because the damage could be impossible to repair!

You need to look at the build and ensure the right materials are used.

Simple plastic is not going to cut it and will do a lot of damage. This is one of those instances where you should think about what is being purchased and spend as much thinking on it as you can. It will lead to better and more meaningful results.

10) What’s In the Package?

It’s easy to think to get an above ground swimming pool is all about reading reviews and buying a good solution. Yes, this is a part of the process, but there is more to consider. You need to spend time analyzing what’s included in the package.

Why would you do this?

Too many above ground swimming pools are insufficient when it comes to the packaging and what you end up getting. This is frustrating and is the last thing buyers want. No one wishes to open the box and realize there is something missing. In most cases, you are going to want a horsepower pump, pool cleaning kit, sand filter, pool liner, and ladder. This is the bare minimum when it comes to an above ground swimming pool. If you are ready to jump up in price point and spend more money on a swimming pool, you should be taking a look at things such as an additional horsepower pump, EZ-Bead liners, DE filtration system, straight stair, and a pool vacuum. These are necessary when you are spending more on the pool. Don’t settle for less because these are items you deserve to get a good product.

Spend time on purchasing an above ground swimming pool, so you don’t get burned with the wrong deal. There was a time where people were okay getting anything, but this is not the right way to go and will lead to a serious waste of money. Be smart with your purchase and take a look at what the market has to yield. You will be amazed as to how many great options are out there and the value you can receive a good buy.

Learn about the nuances of each swimming pool and don’t be afraid to compare them. You are going to be surprised with the details that come out, and there are countless resources one can take on board while learning. The more you learn, the easier it will get to purchase a top-tier swimming pool that’s in line with your needs.